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I love my job

I have this complicated love-hate relationship with my job. I’m a UPM, what is a UPM?, It stands for unit production manager. My job is to look at overall production mostly for ads and manage them, which I enjoy. Since I work in a really small company, I basically do other tasks as well. One of them is cooperate between my team and company’s clients and take care of money matters like doing quotations for the project, which I hate because this counterforce between us and the clients. A production house wants to do a good job (we can keep it as a portfolio) and gain some profits. However, our clients want to spend as little money as they could and get the result that can’t be done with the money they’d given us. I do understand them, everything is just plain business.

Well these are some tricks that I do when it comes to this situation.

1. count 1-10: it’ll stop you from┬ápunching┬áthem in their faces.

2. Find out what they really want: Sometimes the customers don’t really know what they want. Asking them questions and giving them options are good ways to guide them and not making them feel overruled.

3. Protect your profits!: Most of the clients don’t know the process of making an ads, so they would feel that everything is sooooo expensive. What!! a 30 second ad for 30 grand!? no way. Your job is to explain to them what sum up to this amount, who is involved and what is needed to get the result they want.

4. If all else fails, manage what you get: Don’t forget to tell them before hand that with the money they give this is what they’ll get. If they don’t want to hire you then screw them and move on.