Believing the unbelivable

I got this beautiful shot on google.

“Pi” Patel and Richard Parker

Last week I saw this film “Life of Pi” because everyone said that’s “it’s good” and so I went with some spoilers from my friends, the two-version story. I absolutely love the film despite the fact that I haven’t read the book. The cinematography and the CGI are amazing. But what I like the most is the fact that the story could be interpreted in so many ways. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the two versions of the story are the one Pi tells the writer and another one Pi tells the Japanese officials towards the end of the movie when he was rescued; the animal story and the human story.The main point is not really about which story is true or which one to believe but rather a chance to explore the ending introspectively. It’s almost like asking yourself which one you preferred between a really grim story of human nature or the one with hope and faith. Pi let us choose for ourselves what kind of world-view we hold. Is it based on selfishness and self-determination? or we are abide by something more than just ourselves. Well, Sometimes we demand the truth but when faced the harsh reality, believing in something unbelievable sounds much better. Just like the Japanese officials, at the end they put the story of Pi and Richard Parker (aka. the Bengal Tiger) in their report. Sometimes all we need are hope and faith to get us through life, no?


Hello WordPress

After my first blog has been deactivated by WordPress (because they think I’m advertising my content or something) I decided not to give up because all I want to do is to write about films and hopefully have meaningful debates with some of the readers. I know when talking about film and saying that it’s good and everything is hard to categorize. “Is it a commercial?” “Is it a campaign for this film?” Well, this blog isn’t. I have nothing to gain saying that some films are better than others. So please don’t deactivate my blog again because I really like you WordPress…I think your service is great and all of your features are cool and today is my birthday, too… if that makes any difference…


Prynlada A.