World War Z

There’s a buzz about World War Z in Thailand, a good one. Even though, there are some pretty bad reviews saying that the movie is bland and Brad Pitt with Zombies are just bad combinations. However, in Thailand, everything with Zombies will do just fine. What can I say, we produce more horrors movie here than any other genres so we love scary stuff and here Zombie with Brad Pitt?! Sweet Jesus.

Since I’m not really a horror or a zombie fan, I’m among the minorities. Nevertheless, with peer pressure, I finally went to see World War Z. I must say that Zombies here are the fastest zombies I’ve ever seen so far and I’m on the edge of my seat rooting for Brad Pitt to out run the damn thing.  To me, it is more realistic than any other Zombie movies. Brad Pitt’s character is portrayed as better than average Joe but He’s still human. I mean we never see him take down like 20 Zombies all by himself sort of thing. Nevertheless, he manages to save the world using his brain. The movie is not all about action, there is a bit of thriller in it; the speed (of the zombies), the claustrophobic situation on the plane and so forth. I have never read the book version but I think the movie fails to cover other aspects of the story like may be this epidemic is a comment to our world situations about health, technologies, pollutions and new viruses that emerge every year?At the end we don’t really know what causes the Zombie apocalypse. The movie remains neutral towards the whole thing, which annoys me a little.

All in all, it is one of a good Zombie blockbusters that you can go in and enjoy the abundant CGIs and spacial effects, Brad Pitt and Zombies. WWZ


One response to “World War Z

  1. Nice review of your own ^^. I almost got a heart attack many time seeing this movie ~

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