Thai Folk Tale Turns Money Maker

If you live in Thailand, you must know recently overly successful film Pee-Mak Pra-Khanong. Having earned $33 million, it has become the highest grossing domestic film of all time in Thailand.

Let me give you a brief story. The original name of the story is Mae-Nak Pra-Khanong, which is a folk tale about a woman who died waiting for her husband to come back from the war. She was pregnant at the time and didn’t make it through. She turned into a ghost still waiting for her husband by the dock near her house. Her Hasband, Mak, Finally came home from the war, living with her without knowing that she’s dead. Finally the truth came out, Nak ghost went crazy and killed a lot of people in the village. Mak went to see a monk for help. Finally Nak was sealed in an earthen jar by the monk. Both of them were heart broken not be able to be together.

The story has been made into a film so many times, it has become one of the classics. But this time is totally different. The film is a horror, setting at Mae-Nak’s point of view but this version is told from Pee-Mak’s point of view. Also it is not a horror, but a comedy + horror instead, which are two Thai’s favorite genres. I went to see the film since the opening week. It’s pretty funny because the director implemented some modern memes inside the story, which most of young audiences can relate to.

I couldn’t say that it will become a classic or a good film but what I can say is they did a terrific job marketing it. Now we know how to make blockbuster. The film stays in theatre for several months.



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