Classic Gangster


A couple of days ago, my boyfriend really wanted, for once,to choose a movie for our movie night. He made me choose between two movies, Texas Chainsaw and Gangster Squad. Ok…I’m really not a fan of chainsaw or anything that has saw in it, so I had to go with Gangster Squad. At least I have Ryan Gosling.

The movie turned out to be a disappointment for both of us. Don’t get me wrong, the cinematography was great and all also we got stars all over the screen like a freakin’ sky but the story line was just boring…for me. Okay, we got this mafia who wants to take over LA and he must be stopped by a group of bad-ass cops and the cops win…the end. I think the film was made as a reference to 30s Gangster films, when we had Public Enemy, Little Caesar and all of those folks. However, instead of having an anti-hero hero, we have a bunch of bad-ass cops. By bad-ass I don’t mean that they’re bad. They’re just tough. They are still in the realm of good unlike a traditional anti-hero, where they’re kind of grey-ish (How can a guy who smashes a grapefruit into a woman’s face NOT an anti hero?). They still have goodness in them, they did all of the work not caring for any fame, honor or even money. They care for the civilians and not just themselves. And when we combine the storyline with the “good” bad-ass cops heroes, we have too much cliche. It’s good to keep it classic, but to much classic can be boring for audience nowadays.

Besides all of that, you have great action with a little splash of blood , bunch of cool actors,  and Ryan Gosling.


2 responses to “Classic Gangster

  1. Hey! My name is Jessica and I’m a Producer / Director from Vancouver, Canada looking to shoot a short film in Bangkok this summer. I’d love to talk to you about what it’s like producing in Bangkok, and if there is anyone you know who would be helpful as a local producer. Sorry for spamming you here! But I noticed you’re a filmmaker in Bangkok who speaks perfect English…. it was too perfect not to try reaching out 🙂

    My email is if you’d like to talk more. Thanks!

    • Hello Jessica! Sorry for the late reply. I’m super busy this past month. If your plan is still on for shooting in Bangkok, let me know if you have any questions at all. I’m very happy to help =)

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