Hello WordPress

After my first blog has been deactivated by WordPress (because they think I’m advertising my content or something) I decided not to give up because all I want to do is to write about films and hopefully have meaningful debates with some of the readers. I know when talking about film and saying that it’s good and everything is hard to categorize. “Is it a commercial?” “Is it a campaign for this film?” Well, this blog isn’t. I have nothing to gain saying that some films are better than others. So please don’t deactivate my blog again because I really like you WordPress…I think your service is great and all of your features are cool and today is my birthday, too… if that makes any difference…


Prynlada A.


One response to “Hello WordPress

  1. Oh my poor dear!
    i hope that this time WordPress won’t deactivate your blog again… Right, WordPress’ team?

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