World War Z

There’s a buzz about World War Z in Thailand, a good one. Even though, there are some pretty bad reviews saying that the movie is bland and Brad Pitt with Zombies are just bad combinations. However, in Thailand, everything with Zombies will do just fine. What can I say, we produce more horrors movie here than any other genres so we love scary stuff and here Zombie with Brad Pitt?! Sweet Jesus.

Since I’m not really a horror or a zombie fan, I’m among the minorities. Nevertheless, with peer pressure, I finally went to see World War Z. I must say that Zombies here are the fastest zombies I’ve ever seen so far and I’m on the edge of my seat rooting for Brad Pitt to out run the damn thing.  To me, it is more realistic than any other Zombie movies. Brad Pitt’s character is portrayed as better than average Joe but He’s still human. I mean we never see him take down like 20 Zombies all by himself sort of thing. Nevertheless, he manages to save the world using his brain. The movie is not all about action, there is a bit of thriller in it; the speed (of the zombies), the claustrophobic situation on the plane and so forth. I have never read the book version but I think the movie fails to cover other aspects of the story like may be this epidemic is a comment to our world situations about health, technologies, pollutions and new viruses that emerge every year?At the end we don’t really know what causes the Zombie apocalypse. The movie remains neutral towards the whole thing, which annoys me a little.

All in all, it is one of a good Zombie blockbusters that you can go in and enjoy the abundant CGIs and spacial effects, Brad Pitt and Zombies. WWZ


I love my job

I have this complicated love-hate relationship with my job. I’m a UPM, what is a UPM?, It stands for unit production manager. My job is to look at overall production mostly for ads and manage them, which I enjoy. Since I work in a really small company, I basically do other tasks as well. One of them is cooperate between my team and company’s clients and take care of money matters like doing quotations for the project, which I hate because this counterforce between us and the clients. A production house wants to do a good job (we can keep it as a portfolio) and gain some profits. However, our clients want to spend as little money as they could and get the result that can’t be done with the money they’d given us. I do understand them, everything is just plain business.

Well these are some tricks that I do when it comes to this situation.

1. count 1-10: it’ll stop you from punching them in their faces.

2. Find out what they really want: Sometimes the customers don’t really know what they want. Asking them questions and giving them options are good ways to guide them and not making them feel overruled.

3. Protect your profits!: Most of the clients don’t know the process of making an ads, so they would feel that everything is sooooo expensive. What!! a 30 second ad for 30 grand!? no way. Your job is to explain to them what sum up to this amount, who is involved and what is needed to get the result they want.

4. If all else fails, manage what you get: Don’t forget to tell them before hand that with the money they give this is what they’ll get. If they don’t want to hire you then screw them and move on.




My first time operating a steadicam. Not easy I must say. Salute to all steadicam operator.

Thai Folk Tale Turns Money Maker

If you live in Thailand, you must know recently overly successful film Pee-Mak Pra-Khanong. Having earned $33 million, it has become the highest grossing domestic film of all time in Thailand.

Let me give you a brief story. The original name of the story is Mae-Nak Pra-Khanong, which is a folk tale about a woman who died waiting for her husband to come back from the war. She was pregnant at the time and didn’t make it through. She turned into a ghost still waiting for her husband by the dock near her house. Her Hasband, Mak, Finally came home from the war, living with her without knowing that she’s dead. Finally the truth came out, Nak ghost went crazy and killed a lot of people in the village. Mak went to see a monk for help. Finally Nak was sealed in an earthen jar by the monk. Both of them were heart broken not be able to be together.

The story has been made into a film so many times, it has become one of the classics. But this time is totally different. The film is a horror, setting at Mae-Nak’s point of view but this version is told from Pee-Mak’s point of view. Also it is not a horror, but a comedy + horror instead, which are two Thai’s favorite genres. I went to see the film since the opening week. It’s pretty funny because the director implemented some modern memes inside the story, which most of young audiences can relate to.

I couldn’t say that it will become a classic or a good film but what I can say is they did a terrific job marketing it. Now we know how to make blockbuster. The film stays in theatre for several months.


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This year’s Oscars host, Seth MacFarlane, and “Gangster Squad” actress Emma Stone were up bright and early on Thursday to announce the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards.

Check out a partial list below, and see who will take home the Oscar on Sunday, February 24. Are there any nods that surprise you?

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Season of Awards

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The 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards was a classy affair, with each recipient of an honor being sure to share the spotlight with their peers.

The awards were nicely shared among the frontrunners this awards season, with Ben Affleck’s “Argo” once again proving to be a top contender by taking home the award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture.

Check out the full list of winners below — were there any surprises for you?

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Classic Gangster


A couple of days ago, my boyfriend really wanted, for once,to choose a movie for our movie night. He made me choose between two movies, Texas Chainsaw and Gangster Squad. Ok…I’m really not a fan of chainsaw or anything that has saw in it, so I had to go with Gangster Squad. At least I have Ryan Gosling.

The movie turned out to be a disappointment for both of us. Don’t get me wrong, the cinematography was great and all also we got stars all over the screen like a freakin’ sky but the story line was just boring…for me. Okay, we got this mafia who wants to take over LA and he must be stopped by a group of bad-ass cops and the cops win…the end. I think the film was made as a reference to 30s Gangster films, when we had Public Enemy, Little Caesar and all of those folks. However, instead of having an anti-hero hero, we have a bunch of bad-ass cops. By bad-ass I don’t mean that they’re bad. They’re just tough. They are still in the realm of good unlike a traditional anti-hero, where they’re kind of grey-ish (How can a guy who smashes a grapefruit into a woman’s face NOT an anti hero?). They still have goodness in them, they did all of the work not caring for any fame, honor or even money. They care for the civilians and not just themselves. And when we combine the storyline with the “good” bad-ass cops heroes, we have too much cliche. It’s good to keep it classic, but to much classic can be boring for audience nowadays.

Besides all of that, you have great action with a little splash of blood , bunch of cool actors,  and Ryan Gosling.